Because revelopment is a made-up word, it's a reminder that in your creativity, you make (and break) the rules. 


This word signifies a free and nonjudgmental approach to creativity. 

With this approach, the outcome is not the goal; the process is.

With this process, you're not building more on things you have.

You're getting your built things out of the way.


You're not speaking a thing no one has said.

You're listening softly to what you’ve drowned out.

It's neither perfection nor possession.

It’s not practice. It’s play.

It's not reaching new heights.

It’s revealing new depths.

It’s noticing what you find when you throw away the map.

It isn't healing.

It is reminding yourself that you know already how to be whole.

It’s not about what you want it to be.

It’s about what it wants itself to become.


And the skill of reveloping is letting it animate itself

through you.

re·​vel·​op·​ment   |  ri-ˈve-ləp-mənt 

1: the act of returning to one's natural creative state

2: the act of remembering how to create freely, like a child

3: the act of enveloping one's creativity and oneself in radical acceptance



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