“Few people experience a life-altering trauma like the author did, but everybody has experienced the pain of judgement, misunderstanding, and undue criticism. On Earth I Am Safe is a healing and instructional read, and Jo Verdis is proof of what she teaches—that all people are creative, and creativity has the power to heal.”  

Marcus Brotherton, New York Times bestselling author of We Who Are Alive and Remain

“Jo Verdis has written a healing and inspiring guide that encourages readers of all artistic levels to rediscover

their core of creativity.”

Julie Cantrell, New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of Perennials

"As a teacher myself, I love being a student in one of Jo's classes. I am inspired by the way she truly listens to each person. Like one of her beautiful rug designs, her courses are well-planned, but she allows them to take the shape and direction of whatever creative ideas the people in the class bring to them.
She is a dynamic teacher."
Janey Cohen, artist and teacher

"Jo Verdis has used her personal experience along with her professional knowledge and research to create an exceptional work to provide guidance to heal from trauma.  In so doing, she has integrated concepts of mindfulness with her life perceptions and explains how mindfulness can enhance the creative process and how the creative process can enhance one’s ability to be mindful.  I have been providing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to many clients for the past 25 years.  Ms. Verdis has certainly captured the essence of this approach in this book.  


While her book is written from the heart, she also conveys many practical guidelines to assist the reader to tap into their own creativity by overcoming obstacles that might interfere with one’s creative expressions.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who would like to embellish their life in creative ways, especially for those who have suffered from traumatic brain injury."

Neil Friedman, therapist and former professor at Antioch University

"When I put the first few drops of ink on the page, I felt this big smile and happiness and gratitude inside myself.
I could have leapt for joy. Seriously.
I will never forget that moment."
Annett Richter, professor and musicologist
"Jo Verdis is a natural teacher. 
It is a joy to learn from her because you can feel how much she loves what she is doing and that excitement is contagious!"
Kristina Calkins, workshop student and Operations Manager of the Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center

"You’re saving my life. You’re nurturing my little child."
Jomel Sodusta, friend
"Let me know when your book is out.
I'll stand in line to get a copy."
Parishioner who attended talk
"Superfantastic class, loved the whole thing. 
Keep on truckin'!"
Ruth Simpson, artist 
"I think maybe everyone has a musical plant inside them. Mine was withered from a young age. You just saying dude, do this. And that’s music. Now I want to learn to sight read on guitar."
Jomel Sodusta
"Your talent and compassion definitely deserve to be shared." 
Jordan Volkenant, TBI survivor and
workshop participant
Anonymously submitted testimonials from workshops
with Jo Verdis:
"Jo really listens and can adjust her lesson to student needs. She is always very prepared and is able to explain things in several ways so that everyone can understand."
"The demonstration by Jo was helpful. She also made us feel comfortable from the beginning."

"The instructor was so lovely, heartfelt and sincere. It was a small class and that helped with the interaction between the students and the instructor."

"Clear instructions with easily understood demonstrations."