• joverdis

You Be the Judge

Tonight I'm thinking about judgment. How often do you suppose you judge yourself? How often do you catch yourself judging others? Does judgment serve a valuable purpose? If so, where is the line? At what point does judgment become more unhelpful than helpful?

This drawing started off very controlled. I accidentally smudged some of the lines, so I tried to roll with it, darkening things in places. I thought this looked clunky (pictured on the right). Finally I abandoned my initial idea, allowing the original drawing to become an "underlayer" to something else. When I released the intention to control what it became, the drawing grew fluid and mountainous.

There was a split second of judgment when I initially messed it up. This discomfort pushed me in a new direction that was pretty fun. Had I allowed that judgment to linger, I'd have quit in frustration before the mountains ever came out to greet me.