• joverdis

When You Play

You're a kid. It's early June, school's out. Summer days stretch out for miles before your eyes as you squint into the sinking sun, wondering how it makes the clouds turn orange and lavender and flamingo pink. You wonder if your friends are watching the sun set, too. You aren't thinking about getting up for work tomorrow, of course, you don't have a job. You don't have to figure out dinner in an hour. Your only job is to entertain yourself till bedtime.

What sounds fun? What would you go do right now if you were a kid, left to your own devices? What kinds of adventures did you daydream about as a child? An adventure in nature? A game you always wanted to play? A toy you never got for Christmas or a creative project you didn't have the supplies for?

What if you silenced the voices that say "that's silly," "that's a waste of time," or "that won't work" and just GO for it? What would you make? What would you discover? How would you play? Pick an answer to one of those questions and try it this weekend. Tell me about your experience or show me what you made and I'll share with you how I wound up making this painting in my creative play sesh last night.