• joverdis

Taking the Scenic Route to Your Creative Bliss

Have you ever watched racecar driving? That is one serious sport. Lots of people drive cars every day, but there’s a big difference between driving an SUV to the hardware store and driving a racecar on a track. The purpose is different, the technique is different, the cars themselves are totally different, and the intensity of these activities cannot be compared.

I can think some other different kinds of driving:

• Rushing an injured patient to the hospital in an ambulance

• Road tripping to Disneyland with a carful of ecstatic kids

• Driving to work in rush hour traffic while running late

• Driving through residential neighborhoods in December to look at Christmas lights

There are a lot of reasons people get behind the wheel of a car. Some of those reasons call for more seriousness than others.

Creativity has a multitude of styles, purposes, and applications, too. Sometimes people voluntarily create under pressure, like chefs who compete to improvise fantastic new dishes on cooking shows. Sometimes life presents creative problems that must be solved urgently with whatever’s on hand—McGyver-style. Sometimes we feel compelled to express something meaningful with as much beauty and refinement as we can muster. And at other times, we just want to play with our creativity, with no pressure at all.

Take a recreational drive on the back roads of your creative imagination today. Rather than having a destination, just take your imagination somewhere new and interesting. Look out the windows. Daydream. Enjoy it! Making art, writing, playing music, playing sports, cooking, and solving problems don’t always have to be serious activities. Even racecar drivers get behind the wheel sometimes, I’m sure, just to meander through the neighborhood with the wackiest Christmas lights.