If you can familiarize yourself with a photo editing app, such as the camera app on a smartphone, you can do this project.


If you have a smartphone with a camera, your phone probably has some basic digital editing capabilities associated with its camera or photos app. You can download a wide range of digital photo editing apps as well, or find one to use on a computer.

The idea here is to explore all of the capabilities of the software you have. 

Using a photo of your artwork (or any photo you like), find out what adjustments can be made and take those adjustments to every possible extreme to see what the software can do. Your screen may look different than the one pictured here. That's ok. Don't be afraid to play around and push all the buttons to find out what happens.

For example, by moving the sliders on options like exposure, saturation, and contrast, you can change the shades and values of the colors.

View recent photos.png

By cropping and rotating your photo in different ways, you can experiment with different compositions--arrangements of form, line, and color.

As you experiment, notice which changes you like and which ones you don't. Go with your first impulse. Try different combinations. 

When you come up with an image you like, save it. Then take a screenshot of that image. That way you can use this image as its own "original" photo. Then go back into the editing app and continue making further adjustments if you like.

Check out the slideshow below for some examples of how I manipulated the child-like drawing Steve and I made. You can click on one of the images to open up a full-screen slide show with descriptions of this process.