If you can move a pencil across a page, 

you can do this project.


Requires: A pencil and a sheet of paper; crayons or other coloring supplies (optional)

  1. Find some privacy and know you are safe to experiment and play. 

  2. Invite yourself to trade any inhibitions for purely exploratory fun.

  3. Put yourself in a childhood headspace.

  4. Draw freely, releasing any judgment as it comes and goes.

  5. As you draw, notice your curiosity and follow where it leads. 

Additional options:

  • Draw with your non-dominant hand (left hand if you are right-handed; right hand if you are left-handed). 

  • Create the drawing using a combination of both hands, one at a time.

  • Create the drawing using both hands at the same time! (You may want to tape your paper down first.)

  • Draw without looking at the page.


Requires: Two creators; a pencil and a sheet of paper; crayons or other coloring supplies (optional)

  1. Invite a partner to create with you. Decide who is giving instructions (Person A) and who is drawing (Person A). Person A should sit facing Person B (in person or on video chat).

  2. Person B holds up a notebook so that they can't see the blank page, but Person A can.

  3. Person A gives Person B instructions about what to draw. 

  4. Person B draws something in response to these instructions, without looking at what they're doing.

  5. Person A gets to decide when the drawing is finished and Person B gets to see what they've made together.

My friend and collaborator, composer Steve Makela and I made a little time during our video meeting for some social creativity. Steve gave me instructions and I tried to follow them without looking at the page. It provided a welcome, laughter-filled break.


In the event Person A wants some ideas, here are some of Steve's fabulously random instructions (yours can be similar or completely different):

  • Draw a line from one corner towards the middle of the page

  • Draw a squiggly line going down from the top of the page.

  • Draw a line to the Northeast.

  • Draw the northern border of the United States from Washington State to Maine.

  • Draw three different animals on the bottom of the page.

  • Draw seven straight lines without taking the pencil off the paper.

  • Draw a bunch of straight vertical lines in the bottom left corner. 


Later I colored the drawing with crayons. I added some outlines and additional lines and shapes in black crayon because I liked the contrast.

for ideas about coloring and coloring projects.

Whether or not you color your drawing, you can take a digital photograph with your phone or camera, and manipulate the image using digital editing to make yet more art.


for ideas about using your child-like drawing to create abstract digital art.

IMG_7004 3.jpg

With or without a buddy, we can have  fun every day enjoying our own creativity freely, even just during a quick five-minute break.