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Many people, if not most, have experienced trauma. Sometimes we suffer intensely from trauma for years and don't even realize it. We may blame ourselves instead. 

Trauma used to be an overwhelming presence in my life. These days, I think of it as an ineffectual Disney villain with a cunning sidekick. This villain pops up here and there looking all threatening, but it's not as powerful as it seems. With the help of an effective partner, though, it can still manage to do some damage. Who is this destructive sidekick?​

It's shame.


Shame works to ensure that we don't talk about the trauma. Ironically, the more we safely express our feelings about our trauma, the less it holds a grip on us.

Creativity can help us express pain and acknowledge, challenge, and release the shame that keeps us bound to traumatic experiences. We deserve to set ourselves free from the pain of the past . . . and we all have the power to do so!


Through creativity, we can practice accepting ourselves just as we are.

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My first book, On Earth I Am Safe, is a resource for both creativity growth and mental/emotional and spiritual healing. It contains insights, exercises, and pragmatic step-by-step instructions on how to hear your own inner guidance and easily dip into your personal, ever-present, flowing stream of creative inspiration. Check back for updates about this exciting project!

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“Very few people will experience a life-altering trauma like the author did, but everybody has experienced the pain of judgement, misunderstanding, and undue criticism. On Earth I Am Safe is a healing and instructional read, and Jo Verdis is proof of what she teaches—that all people are creative, and creativity has the power to heal.”  


Marcus Brotherton, New York Times bestselling author of We Who Are Alive and Remain

“Jo Verdis has written a healing and inspiring guide that encourages readers of all artistic levels to rediscover their core of creativity.”


Julie Cantrell, New York Times and

USA TODAY bestselling author of Perennials

C r e a t v i t y   i s   a   e f u g e.